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The Monument to the Discoveries represents the Portuguese overseas expansion and symbolizes the greatness of the driver of the discoveries, the Infant D. Henrique.

This monument was raised for the first time in 1940 with perishable materials, and was later rebuilt with concrete and masonry in 1960 during the 500th anniversary of the death of Infant D. Henrique. After that, in 1985 it was also refurbished the interior, with this having a gazebo, an auditorium and some exhibition halls.

This monument represents a caravel with Infant D. Henrique at the prow and with him, some navigators, artists, writers, warriors and important colonizers of that time, along with the individualized sybmbols of each one.

- Approximate Value: 4,00€

- Timetable: from March to September from 10am to 7pm; from October to February from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm

- Address: Avenida Brasília - Belém, 1400-038 Lisboa





The Tower of Belem considered since 1983 as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, is one of the great Portuguese monuments that symbolizes the greatness of the Portuguese discoveries.

The purpose of its construction was to protect Lisbon, prohibiting access of the enemy ships. Then, in 1580 it became a prison, and today is one of the "monuments to visit" during a visit to Belém.

The tower is divided into two parts: the tower itself which is more medieval and has four rooms, and the stronghold that has a more modern construction.

- Approximate Value: 6,00€

- Timetable: from October to April from 10am to 5pm30; from May to September from 10am to 6pm30; closed on Mondays

- Address: Avenida Brasília - Belém, 1400-598 Lisboa




The Combatant Museum lies within the Fort of the Good Success dating back to the eighteenth century.

Within this, you can get to know better the past and military history of Portugal and also observe the "Monument to the Combatants of the Overseas" - a tribute to all those involved in the War of Ultramar.

In addition to the three permanent exhibitions - the "The twentieth century Portuguese Combatant", the "History of the Commercial Aviation" and shows of the equipments used by the Portuguese Armed Forces - there are still some temporary exhibitions of painting, photography and sculpture.

- Approximate Value: 3,00€

- Timetable: from October to March from 10am to 5pm; from April to September from 10am to 6pm

- Address: Avenida da Índia - Belém, 1400-038 Lisboa





The Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium, also known as Lisbon Planetarium is a must-visit for all subjects that love themes as the moon, the planets, the universe and beyond.

Inside of it, was recreated the night sky and you can then attend various sessions in Portuguese, English or French about the solar system, the moon, the Earth as a living planet, the Universe , the sun, the Earth's movement, the evolution of the stars and the constellations.

- Approximate Value: 5,00€

- Timetable: from Tuesdays to Fridays and Sundays from 09am30 to 12pm and from 1pm45 to 4pm; Saturdays from 1pm45 to 4pm30

- Address: Praça do Império - Belém, 1400-206 Lisboa





The Navy Museum is situated in the monumental area of ​​Belém and belongs to the Portuguese Navy.

Inside of it you can see boats, marine charts, ship models, nautical instruments, among others, including the hydroplane that was used in 1922 to make the first crossing of the South Atlantic.

This is a museum that should be visited by all the people who are interested in the maritime phenomena.

- Approximate Value: 6,50€

- Timetable: from October to April from 10am to 05pm; from May to September from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Praça do Império - Belém, 1400-206 Lisboa





The CCB - Belém Cultural Center aims to promote Portuguese culture both in terms of theater, dance, music, cinema and even more.

Its space is divided among gardens, cafes, bookstores, exhibition halls, auditoriums and beyond.

Since its top you can see the Tejo river and also the monumental area of ​​Belém, where it is inserted.

- Aproximate Value: Free

- Timetable: from Mondays to Fridays from 08am at 08pm; weekends and holidays from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisboa





The Jeronimos Monastery dates from the sixteenth century and since then is considered one of the most important national buildings. After being considered as a National Monument in 1907, and in 1984 classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is now one of the most beautiful and essential places to visit when visiting the city of Lisbon.

The Monastery has more than 300 meters of frontage and was built on limestone. In its interior you can see the bell dome, the chapter house, the Museum of Archaeology and other divisions.

- Approximate Value: 10,00€

- Timetable: from October to April from 10am to 05pm30; from May to September from 10am to 06pm30; closed on Mondays

- Address: Praça do Império - Belém, 1400-206 Lisboa





The Botanical Tropical Garden consists of 7 hectares where you can visit experiences fields, greenhouses, a specialized library, among other spaces.

So, when visiting this space you have the opportunity to be in contact and meet a wide variety of live plants. It is also a way to get to better understand the importance and the specifics of some of these plants.

- Approximate Value: 2,00€

- Timetable: from November to January from 10am to 05pm; February, March and October from 10am to 06pm; April and September from 10am to 07pm; from May to August from 10am to 08pm

- Address: Largo dos Jerónimos - Belém, 1400-209 Lisboa





The National Museum of Coaches was built in 1905 in the former riding arena of the Belém Palace, in order to preserve the important collection of vehicles of the Royal House.

Inside of it you can see coaches, carriages, sedans, coupes, litters, caleças, fétones, chairs and not only, since the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

In 2015, there was built a building from scratch especially for this purpose and to where was ransfered much of the collection.

- Approximate Value: 6,00€

- Timetable: from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Avenida da Índia - N136, 1300-300 Lisboa





After in 1834 all convents in Portugal have been closed, IN 1837 a member of the Jeronimos Monastery began to sell the famous "Pastéis de Belém".

These pastries are made in a so-called "Secret Workshop" based on a secret recipe that remains the same until the present day.

The store in Belém is the only place where they sell these famous and delicious pastries so, do not miss the opportunity to experience this tradition of the ancient portuguese sweets.

- Timetable: from October to June from 08am to 11pm; from July to September from 08am to 00am

- Address: Rua de Belém n84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa





The Electricity Museum began to function as a museum in 2006 with the main objective to get to understand the working of that Power Station, explaining and showing all equipment that belonged to the old production facility.

In addition to this theme that is exposed in the permanent exhibition, the museum also has some temporary exhibitions related to: the various sources of energy, especially renewable energy; the process of production, transportation and distribution of electricity; scientists who gave further contributions to the study of electricity; and experiences relating to the electrical phenomena.

- Approximate Value: Free

- Timetable: from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Central Tejo - Avenida Brasília, 1300 - 598 Lisbon





The Ajuda National Palace whose construction began in 1795 was from its opening until the end of the monarchy, the official residence of the portuguese royal family.

This is currently the only royal palace which can be visited in the capital and its interior still retains with the decor and layout that had in the second half of the nineteenth century.

In addition, in its interior you can see different collections of painting, sculpture, tapestrie, photography, prints and decorative arts.

- Approximate Value: 5,00€

- Timetable: from October to March from 09am to 06pm; April from 09am to 07pm; from May to September from 09am to 08pm

- Address: Largo da Ajuda, 1349-021 Lisboa





The Ajuda Botanical Garden was the first botanical garden to be built in Lisbon, at the request of the Marquis of Pombal in 1768, having been used for the education of the princes complemented with the Natural History Museum and the Physics Cabinet.

Its space is divided into two levels: higher where there are stoves (exotic plants, vegetation and orchids) and three lakes with fountains; and lower where there is a large garden with a pond and a monumental fountain in the center, some ponds and the "Aroma Garden" designed for the blind.

In addition to these reasons, the wonderful view over the Tejo river that you have in its upper level is a great reason to visit this Garden with over 4000 species.

- Approximate Value: 2,00€

- Timetable: daily from 09am to 06pm

- Address: Calçada da Ajuda, 1300-011 Lisboa





The LX Factory, with about 23 000 m2 was built in 1846 to make way for the Company of Wiring and Tissue Lisbon.

Currently, it is seen as a creative space where you can find shops, restaurants and bars, some companies and industry professionals related to fashion, advertising, communication, multimedia, art, architecture, music, among others.

- Address: Rua Rodrigues Faria n103, 1300-501 Lisboa






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