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The Factory of Gunpowder of Barcarena, or Old Factory of Gunpowder, built in 1729 is a testimony of the manufacture, development and use of gunpowder.

This Factory is in a complex where you can visit, among others, the gardens, the old workshops, some warehouses and storerooms and the Museum of Black Gunpowder.

In this museum, divided into four parts, you can learn about: what is gunpowder, the use of gunpowder in Portugal until the eighteenth century, the history of the Royal Factory of Gunpowder of Barcarena and its activity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

- Approximate Value: 1,31€

- Timetable: from May to September from 10am to 01pm and from 02pm to 06pm; from October to April from 10am to 01pm and from 02pm to 05pm; closes on Mondays

- Address: Rua das Fontainhas, 2745-613 Barcarena




The Oeiras Olive Oil Mill is an old olive oil mill that is integrated in  the Marquis of Pombal Farm, who at the time of its construction encompassed approximately eight olive groves.

People were never sure about the order given to the olive oil that here was produced, but it is thought that besides being for own consumption, was also sold in Lisbon or abroad.

In the years of 1989 and 1990, the mill suffered restoration work and worked since then and until 2008 as a municipal gallery of Oeiras. After 2009 the building was again recovered and the olive oil manufacturing process was restored, this is now a place that serves to recreate the history of the olive oil production.

- Approximate Value: Free

- Timetable: Tuesdays from 09am30 to 12pm30 and Thursdays from 2pm30 to 5pm30

- Address: Rua do Aqueduto, 2780-190 Oeiras





The Marquises of Pombal Palace, former residence of the Counts of Oeiras - the Marquis of Pombal, is one of the best examples of the Portuguese manor houses of the eighteenth century.

From the inside it is stressed the Main Hall and the Rooms of Diana, Music, Concordia, the Industries and the Uffizi. All these fascinate by their paintings, tiles, frescoes and statues. Outside, what stands out most is the elegance of the gardens with statues, tiles and waterfalls, the cellar with an impressive size and the chapel completed in 1762 and whose tiles and vault are gorgeous.

Although the filling original have been brought to auction by the Pombal family in 1939 and is currently dispersed throughout the World, a visit to this Palace is essential when visiting the Oeiras region.

- Approximate Value: 3,00€

- Timetable: from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm

- Address: Largo do Marquês de Pombal, 2784-540 Oeiras





The Poets Park was built in order to honor the poetry, the poets and the national literary heritage of international recognition and for this, 20 portuguese poets of the twentieth century were represented by sculptures.

Its construction was done in two phases. In a first, were used 10 hectares to build several squares, alleys, corners, an outdoor auditorium, a cybernetic fountain and also the so-called "poetry woods." And then, it was expanded by 15 hectares where were inserted a restaurant area, a maze, a mediterranean forest and were also added 10 sculptures of portuguese speaking poets relative for the time being between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries.

This Park is then a place recognized both for its sporting activities, such as for its urban features, or its natural and lyrical environment related to the national culture.

- Approximate Value: Free

- Timetable: Fase I in the Summer from 08am to 10pm and in the Winter from 08am to 06pm; Fase II in the Summer from 10am to 10pm and in the Winter from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Rua S. Salvador da Baía, 2780 Oeiras





The Oeiras Oceanic Pool has 1800m2, salt water and at one end has a platform heels with planks. In addition, their space has, among other things, a solarium and a poolside bar.

This pool which is open from May to September, was built near the Torre beach and next to the Oeiras Recreational Port.

In view of its constitution and location, the Oeiras Oceanic Pool is able to receive water events, games and competitions.

- Approximate Value: June and September - 7,00€; July and August - 11,10€

- Timetable: June and September from 10am to 07pm; July and August from 09am30 to 08pm

- Address: Estrada Marginal - Praia da Torre, 2780-267 Oeiras





The Oeiras Maritime Promenade has approximately 4000 meters and is a place where you can run, walk and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea that it has in its entire length.

Its location by the sea between the Fort of São Julião da Barra and the Lamps Direction Dock provides a sense of well-being to all those who go there.





The Jamor Sports Complex is the largest sports complex in the country and is located in an area with plenty forestation that joins landscape, sport and the environment.

Inside of it you can find different sports infra structures as: olympic pool, golf training center, tennis courts, canoeing track, training center, cross track, the Faculty of Human Movement, the Honor Stadium for football and athletics, among others.

- Approximate Value: Free

- Address: Praça da Maratona, 1495-751 Cruz Quebrada





The Vasco da Gama Aquarium opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1898 and was one of the first aquariums in the World.

The interior of the Aquarium-Museum is divided into four sections: the oceanographic collection of D. Carlos I, the sharks room, the the malacology of the Portuguese coast room and the room of birds, marine mammals and exotic shells. In addition, the museum also has a garden where visitors can spend their time in a pleasant way.

Who visits this aquarium can see more than the most common animals, some whose captivity is more difficult as the largest ones, the rare species or those from deeper zones.

- Approximate Value: 5,00€

- Timetable: daily from 10am to 06pm

- Address: Rua Direita do Dafundo, 1495-718 Cruz-Quebrada






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